25 Mithqal AL-Fayez

11183 Zahran, Amman

9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Saturday to Thursday

About Tihamah

Tihamah Tech Consultations started operations in August 2021, Tihamah’s origins date back to an idea conceived in 2017, focused on quality, perfection, and excellence, with a clear mission to connect entrepreneurs with reputable companies across key sectors in Jordan including Administrative, Legal, Financial, Marketing, Logistics, and Web Development, the B-Route department was introduced, this department established Tihamah as a trusted intermediary while ensuring top-tier services, dispute resolution, and saving clients’ time and resources, It marked the genesis of Tihamah’s approach – dedication to doing things the right way even when it demanded additional time and effort.

As time progressed, Tihamah evolved. The Training and Continuous Learning Department, designed to educate individuals and corporate clients, became an important part of our story offering courses in Accounting, Law, and Business Development. Recognizing the need for a focused approach Tihamah strategically suspended all individual and corporate training activities, channelling our resources in a different direction.

Today, the Government Affairs Department, Tihamah’s flagship service is a testament to our commitment to excellence. In a time when the Jordanian government is transitioning to e-government, Tihamah has excelled in navigating complex governmental procedures, mainly focusing on The Ministry of Industry and Trade, Amman Chamber of Commerce, The Companies Control Department, and Greater Amman Municipality, Tihamah became the trusted partner for efficient, precise, and compliant interactions with governmental entities ensuring quality and preventing future issues.

During a meeting between Mr. Laith M. AL-Jeiroudi (GM, Tihamah) and Mr. Majid Butt (International Chairman, SKT Welfare London).

During a lecture of one of Tihamah’s TCL courses at King Hussein Business Park.

Legacy Services (Services no longer offered by Tihamah)

Throughout the years of operation, Tihamah provided multiple services that complement our main services, and aim to further assist our clients in their journey. As per the 2023 restructuring of Tihamah, we no longer offer these services as a stand-alone service, only through tailored arrangements.

Training & Continuous Learning 

  • Corporate Training
  • Individual Training
  • Courses

Property Management Services

  • Signing & Terminating Lease Contracts
  • Maintaining Property
  • Yearly Licensing Renewal
  • Collecting Due Rent & Issuing Invoices
  • Owner-Tenant Relationship Guidance
  • Sale of Property Arrangments
  • Tax Follow-up

Event Planning and Organisation

  • Venue Arrangments
  • Food & Beverage Catering Arrangments
  • In-House Accountant
  • Security Personnel & Entry Systems
  • Ticketing Systems
  • Acquiring Governmental Permissions, Authorizations, & Licenses
  • Furniture Arrangements
  • Media & Press Arrangments
  • Photography & Videography
  • Valet Arrangments
  • VIP Accommodation Arrangments
  • Private Jet Chartering Arrangments

Logistic Services

  • Passenger Transportation (by Land)
  • Passenger Transportation (by Sea)
  • Passenger Transportation (by Air)
  • Goods Transportation (by Land)
  • Goods Transportation (by Sea)
  • Goods Transportation (by Air)
  • Warehousing
  • Rerouting Services
  • Freight Forwarding Services
  • Customs Clearance Services

HR  Services

  • Signing & Terminating Employment Contracts
  • Employer-Employee Relationship Management
  • Hiring Services
  • Employee Performance Assessment

Environment & Recycling  Services

  • Waste Management
  • On-site Waste Sorting
  • Waste Water Arrangments