Since the establishment of Tihamah Tech Consultations, the department started its operations by providing corporate and individual training in many fields through some of the best trainers, lecturers, and experts in the kingdom. We provide training in accounting, administrative skills, computer skills, law, and self-development. Today, the department suspended all individual training activities and is solely focusing on corporate training.


Some of the courses we provide are:


  • Automation of Daily Tasks for business owners
  • Change Management
  • International Commercial Laws
  • Excel for Business
  • Applied Accounting
  • قوانين و انظمة المؤسسة العامة للضمان الإجتماعي
  • تأهيل المحاسبين لسوق العمل
  • Integrating smart systems to established businesses
  • دورة إقرار ضريبة الدخل (للشركات الصناعية و الشركات التجارية و البنوك)
  • دورة إقرار الضريبة العامة على المبيعات (للشركات الصناعية و الشركات التجارية)
  • دورة الخبير الضريبي TAX EXPERT
  • Coding for beginners
  • REACT 1 (Intermediate Course)
  • REACT 2 (Advanced Course)


All course participants who meet the course requirements will receive a certificate with a unique ID number for them and a reference number that is used to check the certificate validity below.