Suqia Initiative was launched on the 5th of June 2022 in partnership with SKT Welfare – London


Current Well Funding


What is Suqia Initiative?


Suqia Initiative was created by Tihamah Tech Consultations L.L.C to provide clean water to less fortunate people worldwide by digging wells that entire communities will -inshallah- benefit from; we reach these rural communities through our partners, SKT Welfare. We chose to provide clean water as our contribution to the world following the saying of the Prophet -PBUH- “Providing drinking water is the best charity”. Though water is essential for the livelihood of every community, unfortunately, many do not have access to it. Up to 10% of every product or service sold by Tihamah will contribute to digging a water well in the hope of helping reduce the effect of this problem. The percentage of the service price used as a donation will be informed to the client in the service proposal/product price. Tihamah will pay the contribution, and no additional costs will be added to the client’s total cost of service unless requested by the client to add an extra percentage to be donated. All donations from Tihamah or the client will directly contribute to the cause, and no administrative fees or any other fees will be deducted. We hope to plant this seed and get more establishments to contribute to this initiative.


if you are interested in joining us, please contact:



“At heart, SKT Welfare is a group of compassionate, honest and hard-working humanitarians. We believe that everyone – no matter their race, religion or gender – deserves a chance at a happy, fulfilling life.

Over the past decade, we have provided urgent aid and sustainable relief to millions of disadvantaged people across the globe. Our projects focus on emergency relief, foodwaterhealthcareeducationorphan care and seasonal aid, such as winter emergency response and Qurbani donations. We serve some of the most vulnerable people in the world; those affected – through no fault of their own – by conflict, poverty and natural disasters.

Our vision is for a world in which everyone is cared for, thrives, and is free from extreme poverty. As an Islamic charity, we are led by an unshakeable faith and a strong desire to help the most vulnerable, following in the footsteps of the Prophet (saw).”

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During a meeting between the General Manager and Mr Majid Butt the International Chairman of SKT Welfare.

25th, July 2022 Amman