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The process in which the client receives their consultation

  1. Starting the process
    • Send us what do you need
    • Our team will dispatch your inquiry to the specialized department
    • We will send you a price quote for the service
  2. After accepting the quote
    • The specialized department will start working on the consultation
    • After they are done the consultation will be sent to our legal department for approval
    • If the legal department approve the consultation it will be transferred to other departments which we see that the subject of the consultation is related to their field
  3. After receiving all the approvals needed from all specialized departments related
    • The consultation will go through first and second inspection to gain their approval
    • Then it will be transferred to our quality control department for their approval
    • It will be transferred to the quality assurance department for their approval
    • It will be transferred to TIHAMAH GUARANTEE to gain a unique identification number for future reference
  4. The consultation is ready and will be sent to you.
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