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Throughout the years Tihamah managed to establish a large network in Jordan & the Middle East, consisting of many well-known, professional, and reputable firms, companies, and freelancers with high expertise each in their field. The B-Route services were created to give the public access to our network with the goal of helping start-ups, small, and medium-sized businesses.


The B-Route department offers two services, networking and project management, the networking part is simple, the client requests a service from us, and we’ll choose a suitable partner and connect them together, with the option of archiving and following up with them. Our main partners include law firms, accounting firms, marketing companies, website & software development companies, and, administrative consultation firms, more are available upon request by clients. Networking services are free unless combined with other services or the client requests contributing to Suqia Initiative.

Project management, having entrepreneurs and start-ups as clients means that we need to provide what serves their ambitions and innovations, the products they require are usually tailored to their needs, and are not available off the shelf. This service helps to transfer the new ideas to an actual product, by employing our network and connecting partners together we can achieve what was considered out of reach for businesses of this size. The service is where Tihamah creates and monitors the collaboration between two or more partners in order to create a unique project, the fees for project management are calculated on case-by-case bases, and are charged to the client’s account.