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About Tihamah

Tihamah Consultations was founded in Amman – The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in 2017 and registered in the CCD on the 18th of August 2021, it was established to be the go-to place for all innovative thinkers, by helping them transfer their ideas from just being an idea to an established licensed business with the proper network they need to succeed in their journey. We consider ourselves partners with all entrepreneurs who aim to create a start-up-friendly business environment that inspires new innovators to join us in achieving this goal and encouraging the development of new businesses that help overcome problems that affect the whole world. We offer our services globally through three departments which are the B-Route department, the Government Affairs department, and the Training & Continuous Learning department.

What we do

At Tihamah we aim to provide all the needs of newly established businesses from market studies to registering and licensing the business through the government affairs department, and connecting them with our partners through the B-Route department and continuing to support them throughout their venture, we also provide our services to small-sized and medium-sized businesses and have some large establishments that use our services.

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Meet the founder

Mr Laith gained a lot of experience in business establishment and administrative structuring from many projects that he founded/co-founded in Jordan, and has obtained multiple course certificates in various fields like politics, business administration, change management, administrative automation, and various legal subjects. In addition to that, he is a registered film director in The Royal Film Commission, a Taekwondo black belt holder, certified in firearm safety measures, rules of engagement, and self-defense procedures, participated in advanced tactical firearm training, and volunteered in multiple governmental and non-governmental organizations, especially during the covid-19 pandemic.

Mr Laith

Laith M. AL-Jeiroudi

Founder & General Manager